Shipping Time

Delivery Guarantee

Your order is safe with us. We guarantee you the delivery of your order. If your purchase is not successfully delivered, you have the right of a reshipment or a full refund.


Once you place your order and the payment is confirmed it will be processed in our logistics centre and we will ship your order Monday to Friday expect for holidays. Every order can be tracked, and the tracking ID will be provided automatically via email once the order has been packed and shipped.

Shipping times vary by destination but are in general between 5-14 business days, the exact time depends on your country of living. All parcels will be packed discreet and not have any indication of the content visible on the outside.

If you experience any issues with a delivery kindly contact our support.

We do currently not ship to the following countries: Germany, Italy, Israel and Singapore.


To protect the safety and wellbeing of patients, government regulations prohibit the returning of any pharmaceutical product once it has left the pharmacy. These regulations apply in all countries.