NaltrexLow Drops is our special patented liquid formulation of LDN. You may have heard about liquid LDN but are unsure of what it is or why some people prefer it over capsules. Read about the advantages of NaltrexLow Drops, which are a preferred choice for many LDN-users.

NaltrexLow Drops makes adjusting your dosage easier and simpler than ever before.

If this is your first experience using LDN, you may not be sure which dose is the right one for you. Since the optimal dose for LDN varies for each person, it is recommended to begin LDN at a very low dose and gradually increase it over the course of a few weeks. NaltrexLow Drops contain 0.5mg of naltrexone per drop so your dose is increased with each drop you take and you have complete control in determining your perfect dosage.

NaltrexLow Drops are perfect for anyone who has difficulties with swallowing capsules​.

The drops can easily be placed in a drink (such as water or juice). This can be e​specially helpful for elderly patients, children or pets.

NaltrexLow Drops provide you with optimal convenience and sterility.

The drops are conveniently dispensed directly from the bottle without the need for a syringe which also ​greatly reduces the chance of contamination. NaltrexLow Drops is ​the only liquid form of naltrexone that is produced in a sterile facility​, and the drops have been sterilized prior to filling.

NaltrexLow Drops are FREE from any fillers, binders, dyes, gluten, and lactose.

All capsules contain fillers in order to ensure consistent quantities of the active ingredient. However, some people are sensitive or allergic to various fillers and cannot use capsules for this reason. We take the allergies and dietary needs of our clients seriously and have designed NaltrexLow Drops so that allergy-prone can be give the opportunity to benefit from the incredible healing properties of LDN.

Many experts believe that liquid LDN is more effective as it guarantees the most rapid absorption.

Capsules take some time to dissolve and release their active ingredients. Liquid-form is the fastest way to orally absorb medications. In fact, studies have shown that naltrexone taken in liquid form is absorbed significantly faster that solid-dosage forms.

We are excited to offer the convenient NaltrexLow Drops, which we are certain will improve the health of a great number of our clients. Like all our products, NaltrexLow Drops comes along with the same 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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