Breakthrough news: Israeli researchers discover that low doses of a medicine which has been FDA approved for decades could be used to treat a number of important medical conditions.

Dipyridamole is most widely known as an antiplatelet medicine that eases blood flow through the veins and to the brain. Dipyridamole has been FDA approved for nearly 60 years and is frequently used to prevent strokes and reduce the risk of dangerous blood clots. It is also used to help treat a rare illness called Kawasaki disease.

You may recognize Dipyridamole by some of the brand names which it is also called- such as Persantin® , Cardoxin® , Attia® , Ofcram® , and Trolactin® . In the US, Dipyridamole is combined together with low dose aspirin, due to its proven ability to improve its positive effects, and sold under the brand name Aggrenox®

The typical daily dose of Dipyridamole is between 200mg and 600mg and is sometimes divided into three or four doses per day. Dipyridamole is often considered to be most effective when taken long-term and some women even continue to use it during pregnancy where studies have shown it is very safe.

In recent years, scientific researchers are discovering that very low doses of dipyridamole (less than 10mg daily) could be used to treat several other medical issues. As the promising research continues, it is already being prescribed by doctors for the treatment of conditions such as insomnia, dry eye, dry mouth, and pain disorders (such as fibromyalgia).

The concept of LDD™ (low dose dipyridamole) is similar to LDN (low dose naltrexone) in the sense that the same medicine can have a completely different therapeutic effect on the body when taken at a very low dose. LDD™ has the ability to impact the body and provide many benefits that do not occur at high doses.

As Dipyridamole is already an approved drug that has been used safely for decades at much higher doses, doctors are able to prescribe LDD™ for any patient for whom it may be beneficial.

Many people begin to experience the positive impact of LDD™ within only a few days. There are no known issues in combining LDD™ with any other medications.

LDD™’s patents have been filed globally. LDD™ is sold by BuyLDN under an official license from the patent holders.

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