As the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is spreading globally, our clients ask whether our products can help prevent or treat Coronavirus.

The good news is that several of our products may play a role in strengthening the immune system or in fighting the Coronavirus.

A safe Japanese drug with anti-Coronavirus effects

Cepharan contains cepharanthine which has been reviewed in a recent study also for its broad antiviral effects. Researchers are now racing to study cepharanthine for its potent anti-Coronavirus effects. A laboratory study by Korean researchers, published in November of 2019, concludes that “These results indicate that Cepharanthine can be applied for the prevention and treatment of Human Coronavirus infection”.

Doses of Cepharan that may be useful in battling coronavirus in humans are yet undetermined. The usual dose of Cepharan in other medical conditions is from 10 mg - 60 mg daily.

Revving up the body’s natural antiviral defences

The immune system’s main weapon against viral infections is production of a special molecule called ”interferon”. There are several types of interferon produced in the body, and they are responsible for both preventing viral infections, as well as helping the body safely recover from them.

The best known ways to prevent infection with any virus, including coronavirus, is to stimulate the body’s production of interferon. Many laboratory studies have explored the critical function of different interferon molecules against the Coronavirus family.

Two of our products are scientifically proven to stimulate the body’s own production of interferon. These are:

  1. NaltrexLow - which contains Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). LDN stimulates the body’s production of a protein called OGF, which subsequently stimulates the production of interferon. The typical dose of NaltrexLow ranges from 2.5mg to 4.5 mg once daily.
  2. LDD - which contains Low Dose Dipyridamole. Dipyridamole is a well-established drug with dozens of studies showing it directly stimulates the body’s production of interferon. In fact, dipyridamole’s ability to increase interferon production has led to its approval many years back in Russia, at a unique dosing schedule (50 mg - 100 mg once a week), to prevent and treat the flu. It is so safe, that it is even given to toddlers. The typical dose of LDD is from 2 mg to 15 mg daily.

It’s important to reiterate that use of any of these products is not intended to replace standard prevention or treatment of any viral disease or Coronavirus. Rather, it presents a unique opportunity to strengthen the immune system and your body’s defence mechanisms against viral diseases in general.

Finally, do not forget to follow the basic hygiene guidelines as described on the World Health Organization website.