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We have over thirty years experience in custom preparation of specialized drugs. For every drug we prepare, we not only follow the best manufacturing practices but we also consult the leading medical researchers of these drugs. This ensures that we prepare our drugs in the best possible manner based on the latest scientific knowledge in order to increase absorption and effect.

The process of custom preparation of drugs is known as compounding. Compounded drugs are able to provide unique solutions for people with unique needs – typically those whose disease have not been helped with regular drugs produced by big pharma companies. This creates a challenge. Since big pharma companies are not selling custom formulations – they have no incentive to finance research into these unique drugs.

In order to ensure that research into unique drugs continues and therefore that our clients are able to obtain the latest and best possible formulations, we donate some of our revenues to leading researchers who are studying the drugs we sell. We are proud to support LDN research – you will find the "We Support LDN Research" label on every LDN product you buy from us. This assures you that your purchase not only helps yourself but helps others too.

We have been shipping worldwide for many years and have many satisfied customers in over twenty countries worldwide. We will be pleased to meet your specialized drug needs.